Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do you accept checks?

  • Yes we do, although we may ask for identification to ensure your protection.

  • Do you take credit and debit cards?

  • We do! We regret due to increasing costs of this type of transaction that starting January 1st, 2016, there will be an additional charge of $1.00.

  • How long have you been in business?

  • 10 years!!
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  • Is your staff trained and experienced?

  • Yes, they are. See our About Us page for more information about our staff members.

  • Are you open after hours?

  • This is a trick question. Generally no. However, we do our best to make accomodations for our customers and may make exceptions now and then.

  • Why do you have to see my pet
    to determine the cost of grooming?

  • Sometimes difficult for customers to describe the length and condition of their pet's hair.
    * What some think is short, is medium to others.
    * What some think is just a brush out, is actually matted and will take longer (a full grown malamute can take up to 6 hours to de-shed).
    * For these reasons, final determinations are always made upon arrival.
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  • Does my pet have to be up to date on their shots?

  • Our goal is to protect our other customer's pets. For this reason, we request that all customers keep their pets up to date on vaccinations.

  • Do you have experience with toy sized dogs?

  • Yes we do. A good portion of our customers have toy sized dogs.

  • Will you groom my large dog
    (more than 90 pounds)?

  • We sure can. In fact, we have the capability to accept dogs up to 200 pounds!!
    NOTE: Large dogs have more fur. More fur takes more time, and more time costs more.
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  • I have 4 dogs, can you groom them all at once?

  • That depends. We would hate to get some done and others not, and this is why we have our appointment system in place. Just be sure to tell us what breeds we are grooming and how many we will do our best to accomodate your needs.

  • Do you know the various hairstyles for Poodles?

  • From years of experience we are knowledgible about the styles and stying methods that are best for each breed.

  • Do you have insurance?

  • We do.
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  • What if my pet gets hurt?

  • In the unlikely event that your pet is somehow injured, we will immediately contact you to inform you of the injury.

  • Do you groom aggressive dogs?

  • This depends on the dog. Again, this is about interpetation and we will make a determination when you arrive with your pet.

  • What if I don't like what you did?

  • Due to our years in the industry, and always ensuring that we understand what you would like done, we will do our best to prevent such an occurance.

  • Will you shave my pet?

  • Yes. In fact, if your pet comes in with an extremely matted under coat and we may have no choice but to shave him or her.
    Shaving an animal sounds simple, yet comes with precautions.
    >> Shaving dogs is not recommended when the under coat can be combed out.
    This is because a dog's fur not only keeps it warm on cold nights (under coat) and rainy days (top coat), but also protects it from sunburn during the summer months (this is done by shedding (or de-shedding) the under coat and leaving the top coat).

    >> The final appearance is something to consider as well. We will do our best to advise you how the end result will appear before we perform a shave.
    Once started, there is no undoing it.

    The "Top Twelve Reasons of why it Cost More To Get Your Pet Groomed" than getting your own haircut.
    12) You don't go weeks without washing or brushing your hair
    11) Your hairdresser only washes and cuts the hair on your head
    10) Your hairdresser doesn't give you a manicure and pedicure
    9) Your hairdresser doesn't clean your ears
    8) Your hairdresser doesn't clean your eyes
    7) Your hairdresser doesn't wash your rear-end
    6) Your hairdresser doesn't clean your rear-end (espress anal glands)
    5) Your hairdresser doesn't trim your rear end
    4) You sit still for your hairdresser
    3) You don't scratch your hairdresser
    2) You don't bite your hairdresser
    1) You are not likely to poop or pee on your hairdresseer

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